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2024.06.30: Summary of reading: April - June 2024
2024.03.31: Summary of reading: January - March 2024
2023.12.31: Summary of reading: October - December 2023
2023.09.30: Summary of reading: July - September 2023
2023.06.30: Summary of reading: April - June 2023
2023.03.31: Summary of reading: January - March 2023
2022.12.31: Summary of reading: October - December 2022
2022.10.19: Book review: "The Future of Fusion Energy" by J. Parisi and J. Ball
2022.09.30: Summary of reading: July - September 2022
2022.07.11: Book review: "Crafting Interpreters" by Robert Nystrom
2022.06.30: Summary of reading: April - June 2022
2022.03.31: Summary of reading: January - March 2022
2021.12.31: Summary of reading: October - December 2021
2021.09.30: Summary of reading: July - September 2021
2021.06.30: Summary of reading: April - June 2021
2021.03.31: Summary of reading: January - March 2021
2020.12.31: Summary of reading: October - December 2020
2020.09.30: Summary of reading: July - September 2020
2020.06.30: Summary of reading: April - June 2020
2020.03.31: Summary of reading: January - March 2020
2019.12.31: Summary of reading: October - December 2019
2019.09.30: Summary of reading: July - September 2019
2019.06.29: Summary of reading: April - June 2019
2019.03.30: Summary of reading: January - March 2019
2019.01.09: Summary of reading: October - December 2018
2018.09.30: Summary of reading: July - September 2018
2018.06.30: Summary of reading: April - June 2018
2018.03.31: Summary of reading: January - March 2018
2017.12.31: Summary of reading: October - December 2017
2017.12.05: Book review: "Programming in Haskell" by Graham Hutton (2nd ed.)
2017.09.30: Summary of reading: July - September 2017
2017.07.20: Book review: "Working Effectively with Legacy Code" by Michael C. Feathers
2017.07.01: Summary of reading: April - June 2017
2017.05.08: Book review: "Essentials of Programming Languages" by D. Friedman and M. Wand
2017.04.01: Summary of reading: January - March 2017
2016.12.31: Summary of reading: October - December 2016
2016.09.30: Summary of reading: July - September 2016
2016.06.30: Summary of reading: April - June 2016
2016.04.20: Book review: "The Go Programming Language" by Alan Donovan and Brian Kernighan
2016.03.31: Summary of reading: January - March 2016
2016.03.29: Book review: "Seven Concurrency Models in Seven Weeks" by Paul Butcher
2016.02.12: Book review: "C++ Concurrency in Action" by Anthony Williams
2016.02.02: Book review: "Structured Parallel Programming" by M. McCool, J. Reinders, A. Robinson
2015.12.31: Summary of reading: October - December 2015
2015.10.03: Summary of reading: July - September 2015
2015.06.30: Summary of reading: April - June 2015
2015.05.22: Book review: "How To Prove It" by Daniel Velleman
2015.04.02: Summary of reading: January - March 2015
2015.01.01: Summary of reading: October - December 2014
2014.10.04: Summary of reading: July - September 2014
2014.06.29: Summary of reading: April – June 2014
2014.03.30: Summary of reading: January - March 2014
2013.12.30: Summary of reading: October – December 2013
2013.10.04: Summary of reading: July - September 2013
2013.07.02: Summary of reading: April - June 2013
2013.04.03: Summary of reading: January - March 2013
2012.12.29: Summary of reading: October – December 2012
2012.09.30: Summary of reading: July - September 2012
2012.06.30: Summary of reading: April - June 2012
2012.05.27: Book review: "The rational optimist" by Matt Ridley
2012.04.05: Summary of reading: January - March 2012
2011.12.30: Summary of reading: October – December 2011
2011.10.01: Summary of reading: July – September 2011
2011.07.01: Summary of reading: April – June 2011
2011.04.17: Book review: "The Voyage of the Beagle" by Charles Darwin
2011.04.02: Summary of reading: January - March 2011
2010.12.31: Summary of reading: October - December 2010
2010.10.02: Summary of reading: July – September 2010
2010.07.08: Summary of reading: May - June 2010
2010.05.15: Book review: "Time to Kill" by John Grisham
2010.05.05: Book review: "The Power of Babel" by John McWhorter
2010.03.25: Book review: "Marina" by Carlos Ruiz Zafón
2010.03.20: Book review: "The Wayward Bus" by John Steinbeck
2010.03.04: Book review: "Nonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny" by Robert Wright
2010.02.20: Book review: "Shogun" by James Clavell
2010.01.27: Book review: "Matplotlib for Python developers" by Sandro Tosi
2010.01.25: Book review: "Linkers & Loaders" by John Levine
2010.01.09: Book review: "Coders at work" by Peter Seibel
2009.12.21: Book review: "Memory management: Algorithms and Implementation in C/C++" by Bill Blunden
2009.12.16: Book review: "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion" by Robert Cialdini
2009.12.04: Book review: "The winter of our discontent" by John Steinbeck
2009.11.30: Book review: "The Practice of Programming" by Kernighan & Pike
2009.11.07: Book review: "2001 - A space odyssey" by Arthur C. Clarke
2009.10.14: Book review: "Travels with Charley in search of America" by John Steinbeck
2009.10.07: Book review: "C Interfaces and Implementations" by David R. Hanson
2009.09.28: Book review: "The man who changed everything" by Basil Mahon
2009.09.14: Book review: "Bliss" by O. Z. Livanelli
2009.09.09: Book review: "The count of Monte Cristo" by A. Dumas
2009.09.04: Book review: "The book of numbers" by J. Conway, R. Guy
2009.08.28: Book review: "Natural language processing with Python" by Bird, Klein & Loper
2009.08.14: Book review: "Classic Feynman" by Richard Feynman
2009.08.08: Book review: "Computer Networks 4th edition" by Andrew Tanenbaum
2009.07.25: Book review: "The last lecture" by Randy Pausch
2009.07.15: Book review: "The varieties of scientific experience" by Carl Sagan
2009.07.10: Book review: "Tab electronics guide to understanding Electricity and Electronics" by G. Randy Slone
2009.07.05: Book review: "On the road" by Jack Kerouac
2009.06.26: Book review: "Crystal fire" by M. Riordan and L. Hoddeson
2009.06.19: Book review: "The making of the atomic bomb" by Richard Rhodes
2009.06.10: Book review: "Novellas and stories" by Leo Tolstoy
2009.05.28: Book review: "TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1: The Protocols" by W. Richard Stevens
2009.05.19: Book review: "iWoz - computer geek to cult icon" by Steve Wozniak
2009.05.07: Book review: "Writing Testbenches: Functional Verification of HDL Models" by Janick Bergeron
2009.05.01: Book review: "The man who loved only numbers" by Paul Hoffman
2009.04.22: Book review: "Dreaming in code" by Scott Rosenberg
2009.04.20: Book review: "Flow - the psychology of optimal experience" by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi
2009.03.25: Book review: "In Dubious Battle" by John Steinbeck
2009.03.16: Book review: "Tortilla Flat" by John Steinbeck
2009.03.01: Book review: "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck
2009.02.28: Book review: "The Whisperers" by Orlando Figes
2009.02.10: Book review: "Internetworking with TCP/IP, Vol III" by D.E. Comer, D.L. Stevens
2009.02.01: Book review: "Heavy Sand" by Anatoly Rybakov
2009.01.27: Book review: "To a God Unknown" by John Steinbeck
2009.01.23: Book review: "Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins Of The Internet" by K. Hafner and M. Lyon
2009.01.11: Book review: "The Pastures of Heaven" by John Steinbeck
2009.01.05: Book review: "QED - The strange theory of light and matter" by Richard Feynman
2009.01.02: Book review: "Fathers and Sons" by Ivan Turgenev
2008.12.26: Book review: "The Third Chimpanzee" by Jared Diamond
2008.12.19: Book review: "Border Crosser" by Avner Shur
2008.12.09: Book review: "East of Eden" by John Steinbeck
2008.12.06: Book review: "Beginning game development with Python and Pygame" by Will McGugan
2008.12.02: Book review: "Philosophy: Who Needs It" by Ayn Rand
2008.11.28: Book review: "Jewish children" by Sholem Aleichem
2008.11.25: Book review: "A voyage long and strange" by Tony Horwitz
2008.11.14: Book review: "A Certain Ambiguity: A mathematical novel" by G. Suri and H. Bal
2008.11.13: Book review: "American Prometheus - The triumph and tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer" by K. Bird and M. Sherwin
2008.11.10: Book review: "The State of the Jews" by Theodor Herzl
2008.11.07: Book review: "The Wisdom of Shepherds" by Rhett Ellis
2008.10.28: Book review: "Discourse on the Method..." by René Descartes
2008.10.14: Book review: "The extended phenotype" by Richard Dawkins
2008.10.08: Book review: "Clear and present danger" by Tom Clancy
2008.09.20: Book review: "The odd brain" by Stephen Juan
2008.09.17: Book review: "Perfume" by Patrick Süskind
2008.09.12: Book review: "Programming Pearls" by Jon Bentley
2008.09.10: Book review: "The adventures of Tom Sawyer" by Mark Twain
2008.08.14: Book review: "The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin" by Benjamin Franklin
2008.08.13: Book review: "After Tamerlane" by John Darwin
2008.08.05: Book review: "Rocket Boys" by Homer Hickam
2008.07.13: Book review: "Naked economics" by Charles Wheelan
2008.07.05: Book review: "Genetics for dummies" by Tara Rodden Robinson
2008.06.25: Book review: "Mitla Pass" by Leon Uris
2008.06.23: Book review: "The conquest of the Incas" by John Hemming
2008.06.12: Book review: "After the quake" by Haruki Murakami
2008.06.09: Book review: "Cien años de soledad" by Gabriel García Márquez
2008.06.05: Book review: "The feast of the goat" by Mario Vargas Llosa
2008.05.28: Book review: "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs" by Harold Abelson, Gerald Jay Sussman
2008.05.23: Book review: "The soul of a new machine" by Tracy Kidder
2008.05.20: Book review: "Cannery row" by John Steinbeck
2008.05.16: Book review: "My Michael" by Amos Oz
2008.05.13: Book review: "The Last Templar" by Raymond Khoury
2008.04.09: Book review: "Alexander the great" by Peter Abbott
2008.04.03: Book review: "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak
2008.03.25: Book review: "Idiot" by Fyodor Dostoevsky
2008.03.07: Book review: "Uncle Tom's cabin" by Harriet Beecher Stowe
2008.03.04: Book review: "The volunteer" by Michael Ross
2008.02.24: Book review: "The origin of species" by Charles Darwin
2008.02.15: Book review: "A thousand splendid suns" by Khaled Hosseini
2008.02.12: Book review: "Stardust" by Neil Gaiman
2008.01.26: Book review: "Everything is illuminated" by Jonathan Safran Foer
2008.01.24: Book review: "A short history of the United States" by Edward Channing
2008.01.20: Book review: "War and peace" by Leo Tolstoy
2008.01.08: Book review: "Wisdom of the pretzel" by Ilan Heitner
2007.12.22: Book review: "The grapes of wrath" by John Steibeck
2007.12.10: Book review: "The hummus king and the bathtub queen" by Ilan Heitner
2007.12.08: Book review: "The Haj" by Leon Uris
2007.11.30: Book review: "Galapagos" by Kurt Vonnegut
2007.11.27: Book review: "Suite Francaise" by Irene Némirovsky
2007.11.02: Book review: "The memoirs of Sherlock Holmes" by Arthur Conan Doyle
2007.10.09: Book review: "The 25 Best Time Management Tools & Techniques" by P. Dodd and D. Sundheim
2007.10.03: Book review: "The Shadow of the Wind" by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
2007.09.28: Book review: "Beautiful Code", edited by Andy Oram & Greg Wilson
2007.09.26: Book review: "The adventures of Sherlock Holmes" by Arthur Conan Doyle
2007.09.07: Book review: "Q & A" by Vikas Swarup
2007.08.26: Book review: "The Undercover Economist" by Tim Harford
2007.08.18: Book review: "Mila 18" by Leon Uris
2007.08.10: Book review: "The equation that couldn't be solved" by Mario Livio
2007.08.09: Book review: "The memory keeper's daughter" by Kim Edwards
2007.07.20: Book review: "Countdown to Spanish" by Gail Stein
2007.07.06: Book review: "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins
2007.06.30: Book review: "The Elements of Style" by W. Strunk Jr. and E.B. White
2007.06.22: Book review: "Hackers" by Steven Levy
2007.06.09: Book review: "The mystery of capital" by Hernando De Soto
2007.05.29: Book review: "The story of language" by Charles L. Barber
2007.05.12: Book review: "Road fever" by Tim Cahill
2007.05.09: Book review: "The emergence of man" by John Pfeiffer
2007.05.04: Book review: "A tale of two cities" by Charles Dickens
2007.04.23: Book review: "Big Bang" by Simon Singh
2007.04.16: Book review: "Ruby Cookbook" by L. Carlson and L. Richardson
2007.04.14: Book review: "The mismeasure of man" by Stephen Jay Gould
2007.04.05: Book review: "Freakonomics" by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner
2007.03.25: Book review: "Billions & Billions" by Carl Sagan
2007.03.23: Book review: "Space" by James Michener
2007.03.15: Books read during the vacation
2006.12.06: Book review: "Straying from the flock" by Alexander Elder
2006.12.01: Book review: "Objectivism: The philosophy of Ayn Rand" by Leonard Peikoff
2006.11.27: Book review: "The Son Of The Wolf" by Jack London
2006.11.21: Book review: "One for the road" by Tony Horwitz
2006.11.12: Book review: "Call of the wild" by Jack London
2006.11.09: Book review: "RTL Hardware design using VHDL" by Pong P. Chu
2006.11.03: Book review: "Lonely planet: Tramping in New Zealand" by Jim DuFresne
2006.10.28: Book review: "Blue Latitudes" by Tony Horwitz
2006.10.23: Book review: "How the mind works" by Steven Pinker
2006.10.20: Book review: "Triple your reading speed" by Wade Cutler
2006.10.15: Book review: "Nine princes in Amber" by Roger Zelazny
2006.10.13: Book review: "Animal farm" by George Orwell
2006.10.06: Book review: "The Dante club" by Matthew Pearl
2006.10.01: Book review: "Hackers' tales" by Dr K
2006.09.15: Book review: "Genome" by Matt Ridley
2006.09.13: Book review: "Win32 Perl Programming: The Standard Extensions" by Dave Roth
2006.08.31: Book review: "Out of control" by Kevin Kelly
2006.08.24: Book review: "Russian Debutante's Handbook" by Gary Shteyngart
2006.08.16: Book review: "In a sunburned country" by Bill Bryson
2006.08.09: Book review: "Inside the Aquarium" by Victor Suvorov
2006.08.08: Book review: "The hunchback of Notre-Dame" by Victor Hugo
2006.08.07: Book review: "Higher Order Perl" by Mark Jason Dominus
2006.08.06: Book review: "El maestro de esgrima" by Arturo Pérez Reverte
2006.07.21: Book review: "Capitalism, an unknown ideal" by Ayn Rand
2006.07.05: Book review: "Best of Ruby Quiz" by James Gray
2006.06.30: Book review: "Broca's brain" by Carl Sagan
2006.06.23: Book review: "Australia and NZ on a shoestring" by Lonely Planet
2006.06.09: Book review: "The world is flat" by Thomas L. Friedman
2006.06.01: Book review: "Crime and punishment" by Fyodor Dostoevsky
2006.05.28: Book review: "Collapse" by Jared Diamond
2006.05.22: Book review: "Journey to the center of the earth" by Jules Verne
2006.05.13: Book review: "If there's heaven" by Ron Leshem
2006.05.10: Book review: "Thinking strategically" by A. Dixit and B. Nalebuff
2006.05.04: Book review: "Madame Bovary" by Gustave Flaubert
2006.04.25: Book review: "The Ruby way" by Hal Fulton
2006.04.20: Book review: "The mists of Avalon" by Marion Zimmer Bradley
2006.03.27: Book review: "The picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde
2006.03.26: Book review: "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" by C.S. Lewis
2006.03.22: Book review: "Programming Ruby, 2nd Ed." by Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt
2006.03.18: Book review: "Doctor Zhivago" by Boris Pasternak
2006.03.17: Book review: "Reading Lolita in Tehran" by Azar Nafisi
2006.03.16: Book review: "Test driven development by example", Kent Beck
2006.03.03: Book review: "The seven daughters of Eve" by Brian Sykes
2006.02.26: Book review: "The Russians" by Hedrick Smith
2006.02.17: Book review: "Queen Margot" by Alexandre Dumas
2006.02.02: Book review: "Mrs. Dalloway" by Virginia Woolf
2006.01.30: Book review: "The selfish gene" by Richard Dawkins
2006.01.27: Book review: "The catcher in the rye" by J. D. Salinger
2006.01.15: Book review: "The kite runner" by Khaled Hosseini
2006.01.11: Book review: "Guns, germs and steel" by Jared Diamond
2006.01.06: Book review: "Perl best practices" by Damian Conway
2005.12.27: Book review: "Monday begins on saturday" by A & B Strugatsky
2005.12.23: Book review: "The virtue of selfishnes" by Ayn Rand
2005.12.16: Book review: "A Russian novel" by Meir Shalev
2005.12.09: Book review: "Touching the void" by Joe Simpson
2005.12.09: Book review: "Moon palace" by Paul Auster
2005.11.29: Book review: "Contact" by Carl Sagan
2005.11.27: Book review: "The blind watchmaker" by Richard Dawkins
2005.11.18: Book review: "Memoirs of a Geisha" by Arthur Golden
2005.11.14: Book review: "A pale blue dot" by Carl Sagan
2005.11.13: Book review: "A balcony in Nepal" by Sally Olds
2005.11.07: Book review: "Phra Farang" by Phra Peter Pannapadipo
2005.11.06: Book review: "A fire upon the deep" by Vernor Vinge
2005.11.05: Book review: "We the living" by Ayn Rand
2005.09.29: Book review: "The three musketeers" by Alexandre Dumas
2005.09.26: Book review: "Brain Building" by Marilyn Vos Savant
2005.09.19: Book review: "Embedded Microprocessor Systems" by S. Ball
2005.09.02: Book review: "To Kill a Mockingbird " by Harper Lee
2005.08.26: Book review: "The demon haunted world" by Carl Sagan
2005.08.09: Book review: "The sum of all fears" by Tom Clancy
2005.08.07: Book review: "Designing embedded hardware" by John Catsoulis
2005.07.29: Book review: "Selected works of Alexander S. Pushkin"
2005.07.22: Book review: "Los caminos de Mitan" by Luis G Prado
2005.07.15: Book review: "Shadows of forgotten ancestors" by Carl Sagan
2005.07.12: Book review: "Yo Robot" by Isaac Asimov
2005.07.01: Book review; "NLP: the new technology" by NLP Comprehensive
2005.06.23: Book review: "Perl 6 and Parrot essentials, 2nd edition"
2005.06.19: Book review: "AI for Game Developers" By D. Bourg, G. Seeman
2005.06.18: Book review: "Master and Margarita" by M. Bulgakov
2005.06.13: Book review: "The pocket guide to Thailand" by Berlitz
2005.06.09: Book review: "Anthem" by Ayn Rand
2005.06.05: Book review: "Dragons of Eden" by Carl Sagan
2005.06.03: Book review: "Fundacion" by Isaac Asimov
2005.06.02: Book review: "Around the world in 80 days" by Jules Verne
2005.05.27: Book review: "Mastering algorithms with Perl"
2005.05.23: Book review: "Effective Perl" by J.N. Hall and R. Schwartz
2005.05.15: Book review: "The double helix" by James Watson
2005.05.12: Book review: "The hunt for Red October" by Tom Clancy
2005.05.05: Book review: "Chess skill in man and machine" by Peter Frey
2005.05.04: Book review: "Der falsche Nero" by Lion Feuchtwanger
2005.04.29: Book review: "Aventuras de Arthur Gordon Pym" by E.A. Poe
2005.04.27: Book review: "War of the worlds" by H.G. Wells
2005.04.24: Book review: "Cosmos" by Carl Sagan
2005.04.15: Book review: "Spanish ballad" by Lion Feuchtwanger
2005.04.09: Book review: "The Moral Animal" by Robert Wright
2005.03.25: Book review: "Mysterious Island" by Jules Verne
2005.03.22: Book review: "Harry Potter y la camara secreta"
2005.03.21: Book review: "Masters of Doom" by David Kushner
2005.03.20: Book review: "Life of Pi" by Yann Martel
2005.03.14: Book review: "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand
2005.03.08: Book review: "Expert C Programming" by Peter van der Linden
2005.03.03: Book review: "Perl Medic" by Peter J. Scott
2005.02.18: Book review: "How to win friends and influence people"
2005.02.17: Book review: "The pragmatic programmer" by Hunt and Thomas
2005.02.08: Book review: "A walk to remember" by Nicholas Sparks
2005.02.06: Book review: "Feeling good" by David Burns
2005.01.30: Book review: "Digital Fortress" by Dan Brown
2005.01.28: Book review: "Les Miserables" by Victor Hugo
2005.01.27: Book review: "Complete digital design" by Mark Balch
2005.01.21: Book review: "Eugene Onegin" by A.S. Pushkin
2005.01.14: Book review: "Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal"
2005.01.09: Book review: "C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3"
2004.12.19: Book review: "A short history of nearly everything " by Bill Bryson
2004.12.05: Book review: "The Wedding" by Nicholas Sparks
2004.11.28: Book review: "A random walk down Wall Street" by B. Malkiel
2004.11.21: Book review: "TPJ's Computer Science & Perl Programming" ed. Jon Orwant
2004.11.12: Book review: "Dubliners" by James Joyce
2004.11.11: Book review: "Spanish with Michel Thomas" by Michel Thomas
2004.11.09: Book review: "VHDL Coding Styles ..." by Ben Cohen
2004.11.05: Book review: "Signals and Systems, made ridiculously simple"
2004.10.28: Book review: "Metamath: the quest for Omega" by G. Chaitin
2004.10.13: Book review: "Diamond chariot" by Boris Akunin
2004.10.08: Book review: "Godel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid"
2004.10.03: Book review: "Think and grow rich" by Napoleon Hill
2004.09.26: Book review: "Norwegian wood" by Haruki Murakami
2004.09.21: Book review: "Surely you're joking, Mr. Feynman!"
2004.09.20: Book review: "Successful Lisp" by David Lamkins
2004.09.09: Book review: "The curious incident..." by Mark Haddon
2004.09.06: Book review: "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown
2004.08.29: Book review: "Don Quixote" by Miguel Cervantes
2004.07.29: Book review: "Technical Analysis ..." by J. Murphy
2004.07.16: Book review: "Fool's experience or the key to enlightens" by Mirzakarim Norbekov
2004.07.08: Book review: "Getting things done" by David Allen
2004.06.25: Book review: "My family right or wrong" by Ephraim Kishon
2004.06.16: Book review: "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance" by Robert Pirsig
2004.06.08: Book review: "Extreme Programming explained" by Kent Beck
2004.05.30: Book review: "The power of your subconscious mind" by Murphy
2004.05.18: Book review: "Efficient C++: Performance Programming Techniques" by Bulka & Mayhew
2004.05.09: Book review: "High st@kes, no prisoners" by Charles Ferguson
2004.05.01: Book review: "The Odyssey" by Homer
2004.04.27: Book review: "Free to choose" by Milton and Rose Friedman
2004.04.15: Book review: "The art of UNIX programming" by Eric Raymond
2004.03.31: Book review: "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald
2004.03.26: Book review: "The Flanders Panel" by Arturo Perez Reverte
2004.03.19: Book review: "Resurrection" by Leo Tolstoy
2004.03.17: Book review: "Programming Embedded systems in C and C++" by Michael Barr
2004.03.07: Book review: "Who moved my cheese" by Spencer Johnson
2004.03.01: Book review: "Living to tell the tale" by Gabriel G. Marquez
2004.02.20: Book review: "Code complete" by Steve McConnell
2004.02.19: Book review: "Hidden order: Economics of Everyday Life" by David Friedman
2004.01.27: Book review: "Moby Dick" by Herman Melville
2004.01.20: Book review: "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand
2004.01.18: Book review: "Peopleware" by DeMarco and Lister
2004.01.06: Book review: "How to read a book" by M. Adler, C. Van Doren
2003.12.29: Book review: "Refactoring" by Martin Fowler
2003.12.26: Book review: "Eleven minutes" by Paulo Coelho
2003.12.16: Book review: "The Da Vinci code" by Dan Brown
2003.12.12: Book review: "Neuromancer" by William Gibson
2003.12.09: Book review: "Effective STL" by Scott Myers
2003.11.28: Book review: "Men from Mars, women from Venus" by John Gray
2003.11.17: Book review: "The ambassadors" by Henry James
2003.10.23: Book review: "Finite and infinite games" by James Carse
2003.10.16: Book review: "Man and woman - intimate life" by S. Shnabl
2003.10.03: Book review: "The CASHFLOW quadrant" by Robert Kyosaki
2003.10.02: Book review: "The mythical man month" by Fred Brooks
2003.10.01: Book review: "Lola" by Loreto de Miguel and Alba Santos
2003.09.23: Book review: "Secrets of the Jewish brain" by Eran Katz
2003.09.21: Book review: "Anna Karenina" by Lev Tolstoy
2003.09.12: Book review: "C++ in action" by Bartosz Milewski
2003.08.31: Book review: "Stock market for beginners", by S. Simonovsky
2003.08.26: Book review: "A few quick words of love", by Dina Rubina
2003.08.25: Book review: "Math. puzzles and diversions" by M. Gardner
2003.08.14: Book review: "Patterns of software" by Richard Gabriel
2003.07.26: Book review: "Artificial Life" by Steven Levy
2003.07.22: Book review: "Pride and prejudice" by Jane Austen
2003.07.07: Book review: "How to stop worrying..." by Dale Carnegie
2003.07.03: Book review: "The age of innocence" by Edith Wharton
2003.06.26: Book review: "The code book" by Simon Singh
2003.06.01: Book review: "Brave new world" by A. Huxley
2003.05.13: Book review: "The Designer's Guide to VHDL" (by P. Ashenden)
2003.05.10: Book review: "451 Fahrenheit" (by Ray Bradbury)
2003.05.09: Book review: "Enigma: The battle for the code"