Preamble: NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is a method to use imagination in order to affect the way your brain perceives things and thus alter your mood / state of mind.

This book aims to be "all of NLP squeezed in" and is certainly not for NLP beginners, like me. If it's your first encounter with NLP, you won't learn much from it, as it doesn't explain the basics at all, but rather provides tons of exercises that can be done rightly only if you've already mastered the NLP techniques.

For me it read like an average self-help book, much inferior to others and rather shallow overall. I guess it should be the second NLP book for people, after they've mastered the basics.

However, it does raise my interest in NLP, which seems to be a down to earth technique, explaning why it works in more-or-less scientific terms and not with "the infinite intelligence that governs the world...". Shortly, many books that speak about the subconscious mind are religious propagandas in disguise. NLP seems to be different.

I can't say I enjoyed this book... like any self-help book it has some nice points that are worth to remember. I guess I should learn more about the basics of NLP, and come back to the exercises / training program in this book later.