(tercer libro en Espanol, yay!)

This is a typical adventure story of a 19th century kid getting bored from the still life on the shore and yearning for some action aboard a sea-faring ship.

There's everything in this book - pirates, mutinies, plenty of blood and murder, man-eating, deserted ships, ghost ships, islands, militant savages, heart-warming rescues... in short anything you'd expect from an adventure at sea.

The writing is somewhat childish, but this book is probably intended more for teenagers. It's very fast moving, without almost any detail on the scenery, main characters and so on. Action action action, some authors would take 900 pages to tell what Poe squeezed in 125.

But hey, it was a good exercise for my Spanish. Many new nautical words learned :-)

P.S. The end is a bit fishy, to say the least.