We bought this book in Peru, as its author was recommended as the most popular Peruvian author these days. "The feast of the goat" is one of his most known works. Written in 2000, this book's plot is set in on the Dominican Republic, and in particular the year 1961 - one of the most turbulent in Dominican history, when its dictator president Rafael Trujillo, who was reigning since 1930, was murdered.

The story is told from several points of view - a former Dominican that came to visit her family and take out some skeletons from the closet, Rafael Trujillo himself, and his assassins. The story of each leads into various aspects of Dominican history, especially focusing on the years of Trujillo's rule.

"The feast of the goat" is well written and very interesting to read. It manages to intermix a gripping plot with a lot of historical material. My only real criticism is that the last part of the book could probably be made a bit shorter.