I've read this book in the original Hebrew, and for some reason the recommended translation of the title to English on the inside flap is "Just a bit more". The title I gave is, instead, a direct translation of the Hebrew title.

The book tells the story of Amir, an Israeli guy in his late twenties who went to New York to study cinema, after having competed a B.A. in Economics and found that it doesn't really interest him. The plot centers around Amir's relationship with a 21-year old girl with whom he hooked up and was living in NY.

For me, the right way to approach this book was to first apply a big filter. Some parts of the book, mostly the sex-related parts (of which there are many, too many) read like a story told by one 16 year old full of hormones to his friend. IMHO, the detailed sex-scene descriptions are also completely unnecessary - the book would be a better one without them. Having applied the filter, however, I found this book great. The writing is so flowing, so entertaining, so real. Yes, real is the word fitting it most. This is a book of the kind I love - telling about a realistic situation, one your friend could find himself in. This book is about real life, and something in the writing is so frank that it's captivating. The author just spills out his views on society and life. Some of them are childish, some are not, but all in all it adds to the feel of the book.

I'm usually not a sentimentalist, but somehow I really enjoyed the description of the two Philly's relationship. It is really told beautifully, very realistically and is very believable. The book also has a philosophical aspect, and leaves you thinking about life, which is always a good thing.