Now, don't go running & looking around for the book, because it's in Russian, and I couldn't find English translations online.

I took the English title from and I'm not quite sure it reflects the Russian title correctly. Maybe "enlightening" would be more appropriate, or even "eye sight" because this is what this book is (partly) about. The problem with the Russian ambiguous word "prozrenie", which means both "restoring eye sight" and "enlightment".

Mirzakarim Norbekov is a self-help phenomenon in the Russian speaking world, who emerged into the public acknowledgement relatively recently, and already sold millions of books and courses. He is a very interesting man, according to his biography (which I tend to believe, but that's just me, I believe people) he got cured (mentally) from an incurable kidneys disease, holds a couple of Ph.D. (philosophy, medicine...), has a dan 4 in karate and dan $N in some other Eastern martial art. He also lived with spiritial Eastern teachers for years and got his knowledge from them.

So, as I already mentioned, this book is about "helping yourself to live a healthier and happier life". It's similar to many books in English, like "The power of your subconscious mind" I've recently reviewed, but is far more practical. It focuses specifically on eye-sight, claiming that by applying techniques from the book, one can significantly improve his "vision" and even get rid of glasses.

Now, this all sounds like a marketing baloney, but my close friend, after reading the book and attending a couple of classes with "Norbekov teachers", actually improved his eye-sight, and now he needs weaker glasses. He adviced me to get this book, and since Anna was concerned with her eye-sight, we got it, and both read it.

The book is divided to two main parts. The first, the much longer one, is all mental/spiritual. The author tries to implant faith in the reader that by using the subconscious, one can actually improve his health and life level. This goes with numerous examples and stories, the usual trick of such books. It's well written and quite easy to read (the whole 250 page book is finishable in 1 day...). Norbekov takes a novel approach (which I'm not sure I like...) by being somewhat harsh on the reader, actually throwing insults at people who don't want to at least try making their lives better by applying his techniques.

Now, this is all familiar from other self help books, so the second part comes to differentiate. It is a very practical set of chapters, that actually describes various exercises for the eyes. Focusing exercises, eye-muscle exercises and so on. Additionally, the author presents a large set of general exercises for the joints and muscles, which, he claims, help stabilize the body, relax, and get better results.

Now, I must admit, this stuff really looks promising, MUCH more promising than other books. "The power of subconscious mind" basically told to pray before sleep, and everything will be OK. Norbekov, on the other hand, doesn't claim that faith alone can fix things (although it's a big step). He says the mental exercises must be combined with the physical exercises and practiced for at least half an hour a day to get results.

Generally, it sounds good to me, since the mental exercices are to get the body and mind into a good mood, which always help, and the physical exercises really look like they can do good to the eyes and the body as whole.

We're actually going to try and implement the techniques of this book. Anna wants to practice the eye exercises, and I want to learn the muscle/joint exercises, which look really good, exercising all major joints in the body.

I hope the results will do good.