As another try at "speed-read a short book in a weekend", I took on the first book of the Amber Chronicles, which is a very popular fantasy series (10 books) written by Roger Zelazny. In Nine Princes, the main protagonist of the series - Prince Corwin wakes up without memory following a head injury and engages in a quest to find himself. He understands that he is a prince of Amber - a magical city that is in the meeting point of infinite parallel universes (ok, ok, I guess parallel universes don't follow a Euclidean geometry and can have a meeting point). He manages to come back to the city escorted by his brother and there engages in a bloody battle with another brother. When I finished reading this book, I read some of the reviews on it - it seems very popular and liked. Well, I guess I'm just too much of a realist to really enjoy such books. Usually I don't like the fantasy genre, and Amber is quite in the heavy-weight fantasy category, because too much "wondrous" things happen there without any prior explanation - it seems like the author just follows his whim, making up whatever he dreames of. The only fantasy books I really enjoyed are the more down-to-earth ones, such as Lord Of The Rings or Dragonlance.