Yes, you've read it right - Fundacion, not Foundation. The reason for that is simple - "fundacion" es el traduccion de "foundation" a Espanol.

Proceeding with my Spanish-reading, I took onto something familiar. I've read all of Asimov's Foundation and Robots books a few years ago and liked them a lot. So, I decided, a re-read could be fun.

And it was fun indeed ! Creo que estoy avanzando mucho en mi entendimiento de Espanol. Uso el diccionario raramente y puedo entender la mayoria de las frases.

I had this feeling when I first read Foundation, and I have it now too - although the book was written a few decades ago, it doesn't seem too anachronistic. The "future" it describes sounds reasonable by all standards, I think. This may have been done deliberately by Asimov - by not focusing on technology he makes it look believeable.

The one focus Asimov does make is on atomic energy. As we know, atomic reactors indeed give almost unlimited amounts of energy, but at a high cost - pollution, fear of meltdown, etc. But fusion energy promises to solve this, as soon as scientists find how to tame it.

There's one thing that sounds sad in Asimov's future though - it's that there are no aliens... Are we really alone in this huge galaxy ? I don't think so...