Woz is famous for founding Apple together with Steve Jobs in the late 1970s. These days, however, he's less well known than the other Steve of Apple, but among hackers and hobbyist computer enthusiast he stays an icon and a role model.

This book is his auto-biography, focusing mainly on the passion to design and build electronic devices and computers that began in childhood and never ceased to drive him. Even as a child (with a reported IQ of 200), Steve was building complex electronic concoctions and winning one science-fair competition after another. After gaining more experience on home-made projects and later when working for HP, he single-handedly designed the first Apple computers - I and II, which spurred the personal -computer revolution, made Apple a large company (biggest IPO since Ford), and its founders (Woz included) very rich men.

But Woz's focus in this book (and life in general) is not on the size of Apple and the amount of money he made. Rather, it's on his true passions - engineering, hardware and software design, and various hacks, pranks, and jokes. Implicitly and explicitly, he attempts to impress on the reader his philosophy and general approach in life - to stick to what you love doing, become good at it, and ignore nay-sayers that tell you something isn't possible.

All in all a light and fun read, "iWoz" is definitely, recommended especially for people with an inclination for engineering.