Second read of this book for me, this time in Spanish...

Yo (I) Robot is Asimov's prelude to the great Robot series - a collection of short stories that shed some light on the initial development of the positronic-brain robots, the people envolved in their design and testing, and the issues arising from interacting with them.

For some reason, I didn't enjoy it this time as much as I did the first time I read it. Maybe it's because it wasn't new, maybe because I have higher demands now ? "I Robot" mainly represents the problems with the "three robotic laws" and the hideous loopholes arising from their cross-interaction. The robotic laws are an example of a "bad spec" - unclear, ambiguous, too fuzzy, inconsistent. But hey, probably the "spec" of our brains is not much better :-)

Anyway, Asimov's Foundation and Robots series are highly recommended and this book serves as an important introduction, so it's a must read for anyone serious to get into Asimov.