Benjamin Franklin was a well known scientist and public servant that lived in the 18th century. He was also a successful diplomat and one of USA's founding fathers. This book, his autobiography, is one of the better known pieces of early American literature.

Franklin was a very inspiring man. Born to a poor family as the youngest of 10 children, he taught himself printing, business and later science, public service and diplomacy to become one of the sure celebrities of that time. He invented a widely used kind of of stove and conducted many famous experiments with electricity, the best known of which is attracting lightning using a kite.

The book is variably entertaining, but always educational. Franklin must have been a rare kind of genius, since he noted things and made up improvements, invented and perfected methods and set up successfull businesses almost on a daily basis. The book is also full of teaching from Franklin's philosophy, which can be summarized as living an inquisitive, industrious, modest and frugal life. The emphasis on productivity as opposed to sloth is especially strong, and Franklin endulges in attacking laziness and idleness, while praising productivity and an active life over and over again.

I think that if Franklin had lived now, he'd be a very famous man. This biography, written more than 200 years ago, is still quite relevant and interesting to read today.