"Mila 18" tells the story of one of the most heroic struggles of modern times - the uprising of the Warsaw ghetto against Nazi Germany in 1943.

All the major characters in this book are completely fictional (except for references to Hitler, Himmler, Eichmann and Goering), but the events are quite faithful to history (even the title "Mila 18" is correctly the address of the resistance headquarters). Except for the uprising itself, the book describes the Jewish life in Poland before and during WWII, the preparations of Poland for war, and the occupation by Germany.

Written in Uris's typical lucid and unrelenting style, the book succeeds well in conveying the horrors of the Holocaust, before and during the uprising. Even for someone who've read on the topic before, at some places this book is just hard to digest because of the difficult descriptions.

While it is less sweeping than "Exodus", "Mila 18" is still a very recommended read.