I first read "How to stop worrying and start living" a few years ago, in Russian - a copy I took from friends. Two weeks ago I ran into it again (and again, in Russian!) at my wife parents' bookshelf, so I took and read it again. What next? I definitely plan to read this book again (and again, and again...) - I've already added it to my Amazon Wishlist (this time in English, the original language).

In this book, Carnegie tries to make people stop worrying - as simple as that. Everyone worries about stuff (come on, you know you are!). Carnegie attacks this "habit" from many angles. He presents a lot of reasons why worrying is ineffective, tells how worrying can cause serious diseases, proposes ways to avoid worries, etc. all this filled with stories of real (and many famous) people, who tell how much better their life became after they stopped worrying. His style makes the book easy to read, and the advices sometimes are inspiring and motivating (you really get this "wow" feeling once in a while).

The book is great, but not perfect. There are some points I don't like. For instance, the author tends to "chew over" topics a little too much, which sometimes gets annoying. Another thing is his convincing to start believing in God to stop worrying, my atheistic self has trouble reading this preaching... But all in all, as I said earlier, I intend to read this book again, from time to time. Some of the advices and techniques given in it are timeless, and must be remembered and practiced by everyone. Just think how bad worrying sometimes makes your life. It's worth reading the book even if it helps you a little bit.

For a nice summary of key points, made by Carnegie himself, go here