Ah, yet another "coding practices" book. It's about the 3rd such Perl based book I read, and the Nth in general (not Perl specific). Every time I finish one I tell myself "that's it", but somehow I get tempted to read another a few months later.

As always, such books are so densely packed with nearly orthogonal information that they make a difficult read. It's very hard to concentrate on so many disparate topics, so I'm reading them very slowly, a couple of chapters a week at most.

Like other "style" books, this one makes a lot of good points, and some points I don't really agree with, but it's not a problem sifting them out. What I liked most in this one is it being very structured, divided into distinct topics, with good reference sections and index in the end, which makes it a much better reference than the other style books I have seen.