Mi primer libro en español !!!!

That's right, the first book I've read in Spanish. Though calling it a book is an overstatement, and it might not fit very well into my latest rush for the classics, this 23 page detective story (level 3 out of 5 for Spanish learners) is nevertheless first, and I sincerely hope many more will follow.

The book is part of a series about a private detector - Pepe Rey. In this story, he meets his girlfriend-from-youth Lola in Barcelona, but she evades him for some weird reasons. In the end (hey, that's only about 20 pages later !) he finds out she heads a group of jewelry robbers, and has escaped to Brazil. Not very deep, indeed. The important thing, of course, is that the book is completely in Spanish.

It took me forever to read it... Half of the words I didn't understand and heavily used the dictionary. When I was wholly into it, my rate was half an hour for a page... slow but fruitful. I think it made my grasp of some Spanish more solid, though I didn't learn *a lot*. More important, I saw that I can understand the general goings even without a dictionary (though this is a very vague understanding), which is nice.

So, my plans for future reading "en Español" are to tackle "Aventuras de Gordon Pym" by E.A.Poe I bought in Spain. It is a normal book (300 pages) and will probably take a year to read :-), but hey I'm in no hurry.