Dr K is a Brittish hacker, and in this book he presents a summary of interviews he conducted with several fellow hackers (most of them are also Brittish, although it's hard to tell since all the names are concealed). The topics discussed are how the hackers got started, what motivates them, what are their views on hacker ethic and legality, and so on. Unfortunately most of the material is utterly irrelevant as it has nothing to do with computers. A lot of the stories deal with growing up in problematic social conditions, connections with crime and so on. The computer / programming related material, when it's there, is quite interesting, though it takes only a small part of the book. Additionally, the presentation is very lacking - the stories are intermixed in an unpredictable way, making some parts in the book barely readable. If there's one lesson I've learned from this book, it is
Thou shalt preview books more thoroughly before buying them
Had I done that, I would probably skip this one. It is quite readable and short so it did help me to pass a few hours on my route back from Boston hom (via NY JFK), but I still don't recommend it.