The second book I've read in Spanish, yeehay ! This was both easier and quicker than the first book, and became easier as I progressed through it - a direct display of the improvement of my Spanish, which is great. Plot-wise, it's a silly childish story, just like the first book. Any literary analysis would be meaningless - it's like grading Calculus homework and somebody submitted a History assignment. In fact, I'm thru with Harry Potter - 2 books is enough, especially taking into account that the Spanish translations are costly (~ $20 per book). I'm ready to move to different genres now - I have an adventure book by Poe I bought in Spain and "I, Robot" that I found online and will be glad to re-read, this time in Spanish. Nevertheless, I'm grateful to these two little books for advancing my knowledge of Spanish so far. I got really good in reading, I now read Spanish news sites and blogs without difficulties.