I have a thing for "negative Utopia" books lately... In the last few months, I've read the 3 of the most popular ones - 1984, Fahrenheit 451 and recently finished Brave new world.

Each of the books describes a different future... 451 connects between the other 2. On one hand, the wars and totalitaristic goverment of 1984, on the other hand the "dumb people living in their shells" of Brave new world.

Brave new world is a very good book, IMHO. It describes a very interesting and unusual world. People are bred genetically, divided into quality groups. Everything is controlled, and generally people are happy, though not free. Mind control is exercised heavily from early childhood, and free will is strongly discouraged. The main heroes try to show the evil of such a world (is it /really/ evil, if everyone are happy ?) in an interesting plot that's easy to read.

Huxley must have a thing against monogamy and a thing for orgies (if you've read the book you'll understand =)

OK, so what negative utopia book should I read next =)