In this book the author aims at teaching techniques, habits and methods to help people develop their brains. It provides many exercises, some of them verbal, some mathematical and some logical. It contains many lifestyle tips, regarding newspapers, books, TV and other media and sources of information, how those affect your intelligence, etc.

On one hand, the book contains a lot of good advice. On the other hand, it's not always simple to sift through the chaff to get to this advice. Unfortunately, some of the brain builders are downright artificial and banal. Some examples are "raped into" the desired form to fit the author's arguments (just one example - she puts Judaism + Christianity in one group, and on the other side places Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism, which is wrong since Islam is far closer to Christianity than to Buddhism/Hinduism). The book also contains some personal (at times political) opinions and praise for her husband (placing his invention, the artificial heart, on the timeline of the most important events of humanity - together with world war 2, and not forgetting the (R) copyright sign !)

As is always the case with books like this, if you went and bought it, you probably don't need it. There surely are people who could benefit from this book a lot, but unfortunately they won't ever thing to get it.