• "El Acontecimiento" by Javier Gimenez Sasieta (read in Spanish) - a crazy fast-paced science fiction thriller. Fun to read, but on the flip-side the research done for the book seems to be quite bad - many simple factual mistakes (says that the Weitzman Institute of Science is located in north Jerusalem, etc.)
  • "Why evolution is true" by Jerry A. Coyne - Discusses the evidence for evolution found by science in the past couple of centuries, examining the fossil record, biogeography, embryology, suboptimal design, etc. A well written book - similar to Dawkins, but without the militant tone.
  • "Rational optimist" by Matt Ridley - link to full review.
  • "On wings of eagles" by Ken Follett (read in Spanish) - It's probably since it's based on real events, but this novel has much fewer twists and turns than I expected from a typical "thriller". This is kind-of nice because it makes the book less artificial. On the other hand, stretching the plot to 600 pages is really too much. Do authors get paid by paper weight these days? Otherwise, I don't see why a 250-page book wouldn't do for this story.
  • "How to Ace the Brainteaser Interview" by John Kador - a nice collection of brain teasers. My only gripe is that the solutions are printed right after the questions, so it's hard to read the question without involuntarily seeing the solution (at least in the Kindle version). I had to use a piece of paper sliding down the page to hide the solution while reading the question.


  • "The Pastures of Heaven" by John Steinbeck