I decided to write longer reviews of books... especially of good ones. This will help me remember them better, and in the future I'll be able to refer to these reviews if I consider to re-read the book.

Well, let me start by saying that I really enjoyed "Pride and prejudice". This book was written almost 200 years ago, but some things in it are so relevant that it's amazing. But, as I come to think of it, these are mainly the personal traits of the characters, and as they say - "people don't change".

This novel tells the story of the Bennet family - Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, and their 5 daughters - Jane, Elizabeth (Lizzy), Mary, Catherine (Kitty) and Lydia. Most of the story revolves around Jane and Lizzy and their relations with two young men, Bingley and Darcy.

The sole goal of Mrs. Bennet's life is finding good (= rich) husbands for her daughters... She is a stupid, hysteric and sometimes pathetic woman. She's one of those who's determined to have everything her way, and will make a living hell to everyone if her will isn't satisfied. Her husband, on the contrary, is very unusual and very different from her. He's witty, makes laugh of her weakness, and generally has opinions opposite to hers. It seems that his only happiness in life is his library and his favorite daughter, Lizzy.

Lizzy is the main character of the book. She's very different from the rest of her sisters, and from her mother - because she's smart. Her sister Jane is very sweet and tender, but also very innocent, which sometimes is ridiculous. Lydia is the equivalent of a mothern "brainless Barbie" - she only thinks of balls, clothes, husbands... She's totally careless of the feelings of her surroundings.

The book gives great insight into the minds of people and the relations between them. As I mentioned earlier, although it was written two centuries ago, it's all very relevant to today. Like any book it has slow parts, but they're small and infrequent - most of the time the reading flows very quickly.

I will also mention the excellent humor of the writer, which is represented mainly by Mr. Bennet, whose opinions of the society, his wife and all daughters but Lizzy (and maybe Jane) are at times very cynical and witty. The funniest character is with no doubt her Ladyness Catherine de Bourgh... the typical aunt who wants everything her way and thinks she knows better than anyone.

All in all - highly recommended. I'm glad I have a copy of my own, I'll definitely want to read this book again sometime.