I've read this book a few years ago and have liked it very much. This re-read was done as an exercise for a speed-reading book (which recommends several short books to read), and since there's no review of it in my journal, I've decided to write one.

The "Animal farm" is one of Orwell's most acknowledged works (the other is "1984") - a brilliant parody on a communistic revolution in a country and what follows. It is set on an agricultural farm in England, where the farm animals, inspired by a charismatic leader (an old boar) manage to overthrow the human owners of the farm and take control of it, forming a communistic society. At first, all goes well, but once the initial excitement wears off the the greed of the leaders starts to climb, the reader is introduced to the familiar rot of the communistic goverments of the 20th century (which is also very well documented in "1984").

The book is short - it takes less than two hours to read - but makes its point. It is very recommended.