This book aims at bridging between the academic world of EE and computer-science and the real-world applications of embedded systems controlled by microprocessors.

There is no real "planned" presentation of topics in any structured manner. This book is more like a big dump of ideas and experiences the author had during his long career of designing systems. This doesn't necessarily mean it's not good though. Many of the ideas / experiences presented are very important for engineers to know. There are many small pitfalls people don't think about until they either "hear about them somewhere" or run into them themselves. And believe me it's better to spend a couple of days skimming through a book than a week of all-nighters just before the release hunting a mysterious intermittent bug in the timing of ISRs.

The disorder may scare away a few readers, but it's important to have the right expectations. Do not expect from such a book to teach you everything about microprocessors and embedded systems, to turn you from a newbie to a guru. Do expect to learn *something* useful from it. It's not a textbook, but rather a short review of common design practices.