We bought this book in Cuzco, because I wanted a nice historical book on the Incas to read while traveling through Peru. So, after a few rounds of bartering in a couple of stores on the Plaza de las Armas, "The conquest of the Incas" was chosen. Unfortunately, I've miscalculated and misunderstood the topic of the book. I was hoping for a book on the history of the various tribes in the region, their unification into the Inca empire, Spanish conquistadors and their subjugation of the Incas. Instead, the book focuses on the years after the initial conquest - the complex politics and relations between the Spaniards and the local population and surviving members of the Inca royal family. Not much is told on the time before the landing of Pizzaro in Peru. However, the book is well written and tells its intended story in a detailed and at the same time interesting manner. So if post-conquest Peru in its first few decades is your fancy, you'll find this book excellent. This is not to say that I didn't like the book. It had enough interesting history of both post and pre-conquest to make me satisfied, even if I flipped through some parts of it when it got too detailed with the descriptions of each new successor on the Inca puppet-throne the Spaniards instated. It's a real history book, textbook-class, so no matter how well it's written, it's difficult to digest in large chunks. So I took my time with it - nearly two months of on and off reading.