Master and Margarita is a very famed book, up there in the top part of every "must read" list, so having never read Bulgakov yet (although being able to read it in the Russian original) I decided it's time to get to it.

The short review for this book would be: it's weird, peculiar, odd, unreal, certainly a feat of creativity. Actually, it's so weird that what saved it from being put aside while I was reading its first part was only its fame. I kept myself going by telling to myself that it's considered a great book by so many people, there must be something brilliant about it.

And I don't regret continuing. Once you "get in the spirit", this book is great. Most of all it's incredibly funny (the cat is hilarious), but also deep in many aspects (in much more than I suspected, according to online reviews). It's really fresh and original to read a novel like this one - certainly not your usual plot, Bulgakov has a very unique way to express his views.

"Under the hood" the book contains criticism of bureaucracy, a view on good and evil, a view on love and a view on the relationships between people. And this is just what I spotted - according to online reviews it's a small speck of the book's content. It appears that this book is also autobiographic, and presents a strong criticism of the Soviet goverment of Bulgakov's time. It was banned from publication for many years, and from full unabriged publication for even longer.

Now, having read many reviews I can really spot other things in the book I didn't think of before. Pity that I didn't see them myself... but, as they say "live to learn".