"Life of Pi" is not, like its name suggests, a story of the Pi number (though the connection is mentioned in the book itself). It's rather the amazing castaway-survival story of an Indian boy named Piscine (shortly Pi) Patel.

It's quite an amazing story actually - the boy spends 10 months stranded in the Pacific ocean on a lifeboat with an unlikely companion - a huge Bengal tiger. The story is really beautifully told - Yann Martel definitely has talent. Some of the story-telling style reminds of the "Curious incidend of the dog in the nightime" in that Pi himself tells the story, with the quircks of a youngster shining through.

The ending of the book is quite confusing and I don't really know what to make of it - was it a true story after all ? This way or another, it's a nice, easy-going book that is fun to read. At the very least, you will learn something about animals, zoo-keeping, religion and India.

It's funny that some refer to this book as "one that will make you believe in god". How will a story of such suffer make me ? A young boy who lost his family - his whole life in a ship wreck and spent 10 months of suffer in the ocean, going to make me believe in god ? How is the fact that the boy, in some strange way, was Hindu and Muslim and Christian at the same time is going to convince me ? Pure weird, I say.