I downloaded this free ebook in order to read it on my Palm. It's very small (a few dozen pages, hard to tell when reading from a Palm) and I finished it in a few days. I remember the first book I read in Spanish - was it hard ! It took me a lot of time and I barely understood what I read.

Now the situation is far better, a small book takes only a few days, I understand most of what I read and use the dictionary for words I don't understand out of context (which isn't many, perhaps 2 words per 3 sentences on average).

Anyway, this is a nice small book from the fantasy genre. The story is of a group of powerful warriors in some imaginary world, who are summoned upon by their king to serve him in a war. However, as they find out, someone else took over the throne and wants them for a completely different reason. I won't go into spoilers, but it truly is a very short book with not much content - a short story, really.

Now on to something muchlonger...