Archives for 2005

2005.12.27: Book review: "Monday begins on saturday" by A & B Strugatsky
2005.12.27: Civilization 4
2005.12.24: nostalgic gaming
2005.12.23: Book review: "The virtue of selfishnes" by Ayn Rand
2005.12.23: some regex "best practices"
2005.12.16: Book review: "A Russian novel" by Meir Shalev
2005.12.09: Book review: "Touching the void" by Joe Simpson
2005.12.09: Book review: "Moon palace" by Paul Auster
2005.12.04: perl master, C++ slave, bound for serial port programming
2005.11.29: Book review: "Contact" by Carl Sagan
2005.11.28: use[less] keys on the keyboard
2005.11.27: Book review: "The blind watchmaker" by Richard Dawkins
2005.11.22: when bit endianness matters
2005.11.18: Book review: "Memoirs of a Geisha" by Arthur Golden
2005.11.18: understanding web programming & design with PHP / XML / XSLT
2005.11.18: annoying tool problems at work
2005.11.14: Book review: "A pale blue dot" by Carl Sagan
2005.11.13: Book review: "A balcony in Nepal" by Sally Olds
2005.11.07: Book review: "Phra Farang" by Phra Peter Pannapadipo
2005.11.06: Book review: "A fire upon the deep" by Vernor Vinge
2005.11.05: Book review: "We the living" by Ayn Rand
2005.09.29: Book review: "The three musketeers" by Alexandre Dumas
2005.09.26: Book review: "Brain Building" by Marilyn Vos Savant
2005.09.23: using PAR to create a custom "hosted" Perl environment
2005.09.19: Book review: "Embedded Microprocessor Systems" by S. Ball
2005.09.19: first real fuel-cell application
2005.09.14: the joys of embedded hacking
2005.09.05: continuous improvment, or "my old code sucks"
2005.09.04: Cool hack: creating custom subroutines on-the-fly in Perl
2005.09.02: becoming unhappy with
2005.09.02: Book review: "To Kill a Mockingbird " by Harper Lee
2005.08.26: Book review: "The demon haunted world" by Carl Sagan
2005.08.19: an acquaintance with COM
2005.08.11: eclipse
2005.08.09: Book review: "The sum of all fears" by Tom Clancy
2005.08.07: Book review: "Designing embedded hardware" by John Catsoulis
2005.07.29: Book review: "Selected works of Alexander S. Pushkin"
2005.07.23: how I read ebooks on a Palm
2005.07.22: problems with recent changes of use.perl !
2005.07.22: Book review: "Los caminos de Mitan" by Luis G Prado
2005.07.15: Qt guidelenes for API design
2005.07.15: Book review: "Shadows of forgotten ancestors" by Carl Sagan
2005.07.12: million, billion, milliard
2005.07.12: Book review: "Yo Robot" by Isaac Asimov
2005.07.10: more XML: XPath, XSLT
2005.07.08: some thoughts on XML (XmlWriter and DOM)
2005.07.03: china, pebble bed nuclear reactors and hydrogen
2005.07.01: Book review; "NLP: the new technology" by NLP Comprehensive
2005.06.29: some crypto work
2005.06.26: # of rows limitation in Excel
2005.06.24: Simple math optimization problem
2005.06.23: Book review: "Perl 6 and Parrot essentials, 2nd edition"
2005.06.19: Book review: "AI for Game Developers" By D. Bourg, G. Seeman
2005.06.18: Book review: "Master and Margarita" by M. Bulgakov
2005.06.13: Book review: "The pocket guide to Thailand" by Berlitz
2005.06.12: lessons from PAIP
2005.06.11: saint spur !
2005.06.11: meaningful MD5 collisions !!
2005.06.10: lesson for today: caveat in C++ line-reading
2005.06.10: lost "lost"
2005.06.09: Book review: "Anthem" by Ayn Rand
2005.06.05: Book review: "Dragons of Eden" by Carl Sagan
2005.06.03: Book review: "Fundacion" by Isaac Asimov
2005.06.02: Book review: "Around the world in 80 days" by Jules Verne
2005.06.01: PIC compiler bugs...
2005.05.31: Skype
2005.05.29: getting to some real PIC programming
2005.05.27: Book review: "Mastering algorithms with Perl"
2005.05.23: Book review: "Effective Perl" by J.N. Hall and R. Schwartz
2005.05.16: perls w/o strict
2005.05.15: Book review: "The double helix" by James Watson
2005.05.12: Book review: "The hunt for Red October" by Tom Clancy
2005.05.10: Ethernet, or things I never thought I'll do
2005.05.06: Problem logging into use.perl ?
2005.05.05: Book review: "Chess skill in man and machine" by Peter Frey
2005.05.04: random: elevators, vacum cleaners, books
2005.05.04: Book review: "Der falsche Nero" by Lion Feuchtwanger
2005.05.01: stuff: acrobat, wikipedia, ethernet
2005.04.29: Book review: "Aventuras de Arthur Gordon Pym" by E.A. Poe
2005.04.27: Book review: "War of the worlds" by H.G. Wells
2005.04.26: smoke tests
2005.04.24: Book review: "Cosmos" by Carl Sagan
2005.04.23: reading russian books on the palm - check
2005.04.22: my Palm era begins
2005.04.17: random call for help, disabled users
2005.04.17: more on Palm (Tungsten E) - mp3, security
2005.04.15: Palm, ebook reading and annoying sellers
2005.04.15: Book review: "Spanish ballad" by Lion Feuchtwanger
2005.04.12: emacs is hard
2005.04.09: Book review: "The Moral Animal" by Robert Wright
2005.04.08: C -> Parrot compiler
2005.03.30: back to lisp fiddling
2005.03.29: application of combinations
2005.03.25: Book review: "Mysterious Island" by Jules Verne
2005.03.22: c++ woes: std:: and unwanted warnings
2005.03.22: Book review: "Harry Potter y la camara secreta"
2005.03.21: Book review: "Masters of Doom" by David Kushner
2005.03.20: Book review: "Life of Pi" by Yann Martel
2005.03.18: castaways, jules verne and many books
2005.03.15: pi-day
2005.03.14: Book review: "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand
2005.03.11: Paul Graham's new article "how to start a startup"
2005.03.08: Book review: "Expert C Programming" by Peter van der Linden
2005.03.04: splitting MP3 files
2005.03.03: Book review: "Perl Medic" by Peter J. Scott
2005.02.23: interesting problem: buffered text view widget
2005.02.22: M$ patent claim on IsNot
2005.02.20: MIX implementation in Perl completed !
2005.02.18: Book review: "How to win friends and influence people"
2005.02.17: Book review: "The pragmatic programmer" by Hunt and Thomas
2005.02.14: meaningful journal entry names
2005.02.11: Joel's 12 steps for better code
2005.02.09: AoHoHoAoA
2005.02.08: Book review: "A walk to remember" by Nicholas Sparks
2005.02.07: convergence of small electronic devices
2005.02.06: Book review: "Feeling good" by David Burns
2005.02.06: weather-induced bugs
2005.02.03: refactoring
2005.02.01: true cross-platform compatibility of Qt
2005.01.30: Book review: "Digital Fortress" by Dan Brown
2005.01.30: microchip PIC
2005.01.28: Book review: "Les Miserables" by Victor Hugo
2005.01.27: Book review: "Complete digital design" by Mark Balch
2005.01.25: "Stone soup" or guerilla prototypes
2005.01.22: paradigm shift - parallel computing ?
2005.01.21: Book review: "Eugene Onegin" by A.S. Pushkin
2005.01.21: mathematical musing
2005.01.19: bin2dec for huge numbers
2005.01.18: using a cache to speed-up code
2005.01.14: more on Qt and on coding frenzies
2005.01.14: Book review: "Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal"
2005.01.09: Book review: "C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3"
2005.01.02: Qt - first impressions