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I'm becoming increasingly unhappy with the use.perl.org platform for my blog. Compared to other blogging systems, it's undoubtedly oldish and feature poor. No images, no nice fonts / styles, it's starting to get to me...

The HTML-strictness is annoying. Even small things, like the recent change of the semantics of <p> is annoying. To separate paragraphs I used to just put a single <p>. Now it no longer works, so I must either use the full <p>...</p> syntax for paragraphs or use <br><br>. Small but annoying.

The only really good thing here, I guess, is other Perl people from whom I can get nice feedback from time to time.

The backlog / history of my blog is very important to me. I'll be probably looking to move to some more powerful blogging platform, maybe Blogger. Any suggestions on posting all my historic posts with their correct dates ?