Today I ran into a need to split a big MP3 file into several smaller ones.

Now, when did you first notice that when you need X done, your first urge is not to look for a program that does X but for a Perl module on CPAN that does it ? Scary...

Anyway, 2 minutes later MP3::Splitter (by Ilya Zakharevich) was installed on my PC and I successfully splitted my MP3 files. MP3::Splitter features a ridiculously simple interface and takes about 20 seconds to grok.

By the way, I also found a bug in the module. When given overlapping time intervals (like [0, 20], [10, 30]), the module doesn't actually produce the overlapping part in the second section, but starts from the end of the first section. So Ilya, if you're reading this, consider it as an unofficial bug report ;-) (thanks for the great module, btw)