Archives for 2006

06.12.2006: Book review: "Straying from the flock" by Alexander Elder
04.12.2006: Compiling C DLLs and using them from Perl
03.12.2006: A complete C++ development environment from Microsoft, free
02.12.2006: Programming language typing - a big mishmash
01.12.2006: Book review: "Objectivism: The philosophy of Ayn Rand" by Leonard Peikoff
27.11.2006: Book review: "The Son Of The Wolf" by Jack London
25.11.2006: A taxonomy of typing systems
23.11.2006: Fearing the "second system effect" in my rewrite of ESMS
21.11.2006: Book review: "One for the road" by Tony Horwitz
18.11.2006: null-modem, physical and virtual COM ports
12.11.2006: Book review: "Call of the wild" by Jack London
10.11.2006: The parentheses of Lisp
09.11.2006: Book review: "RTL Hardware design using VHDL" by Pong P. Chu
07.11.2006: How to misunderstand security
03.11.2006: Book review: "Lonely planet: Tramping in New Zealand" by Jim DuFresne
28.10.2006: Book review: "Blue Latitudes" by Tony Horwitz
27.10.2006: The sad state of the Lisp user community
23.10.2006: Book review: "How the mind works" by Steven Pinker
20.10.2006: Book review: "Triple your reading speed" by Wade Cutler
15.10.2006: Book review: "Nine princes in Amber" by Roger Zelazny
13.10.2006: Book review: "Animal farm" by George Orwell
06.10.2006: Book review: "The Dante club" by Matthew Pearl
02.10.2006: Speed reading
01.10.2006: Book review: "Hackers' tales" by Dr K
18.09.2006: Google's new "homepage" personalization
15.09.2006: Book review: "Genome" by Matt Ridley
15.09.2006: Home network
14.09.2006: MTU problems in my Internet connection
13.09.2006: Book review: "Win32 Perl Programming: The Standard Extensions" by Dave Roth
31.08.2006: Book review: "Out of control" by Kevin Kelly
24.08.2006: Book review: "Russian Debutante's Handbook" by Gary Shteyngart
16.08.2006: Book review: "In a sunburned country" by Bill Bryson
11.08.2006: My current programming language arsenal
09.08.2006: Book review: "Inside the Aquarium" by Victor Suvorov
08.08.2006: Book review: "The hunchback of Notre-Dame" by Victor Hugo
07.08.2006: Book review: "Higher Order Perl" by Mark Jason Dominus
06.08.2006: Book review: "El maestro de esgrima" by Arturo PĂ©rez Reverte
24.07.2006: using Komodo for Perl & Ruby coding
21.07.2006: Book review: "Capitalism, an unknown ideal" by Ayn Rand
11.07.2006: Sum of digits and divisibility by 3
05.07.2006: Book review: "Best of Ruby Quiz" by James Gray
30.06.2006: Book review: "Broca's brain" by Carl Sagan
23.06.2006: Book review: "Australia and NZ on a shoestring" by Lonely Planet
09.06.2006: Book review: "The world is flat" by Thomas L. Friedman
01.06.2006: Book review: "Crime and punishment" by Fyodor Dostoevsky
28.05.2006: Book review: "Collapse" by Jared Diamond
23.05.2006: a summary of Ayn Rand's philosophy
22.05.2006: Book review: "Journey to the center of the earth" by Jules Verne
17.05.2006: Creeping featurism
17.05.2006: Password organization program
13.05.2006: Book review: "If there's heaven" by Ron Leshem
10.05.2006: Antialiasing filters and multirate systems
10.05.2006: Book review: "Thinking strategically" by A. Dixit and B. Nalebuff
04.05.2006: Book review: "Madame Bovary" by Gustave Flaubert
25.04.2006: Book review: "The Ruby way" by Hal Fulton
20.04.2006: newlisp - an intriguing dialect of Lisp
20.04.2006: Book review: "The mists of Avalon" by Marion Zimmer Bradley
18.04.2006: Longest Increasing Subsequence
18.04.2006: Understanding Ruby blocks, Procs and methods
16.04.2006: Interesting scientific facts
13.04.2006: Choosing an open-source license for my code
12.04.2006: Migrating to Wordpress
07.04.2006: Non-blocking socket access on Windows
28.03.2006: XML or YAML for configuration files
28.03.2006: my transition to Blogger is complete
27.03.2006: Book review: "The picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde
26.03.2006: Book review: "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" by C.S. Lewis
25.03.2006: Ruby as both a functional and an OO language
24.03.2006: Blocked by Blogger's spam bots
22.03.2006: Book review: "Programming Ruby, 2nd Ed." by Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt
20.03.2006: Success posting via Atom with Ruby !
20.03.2006: Posting source code to Blogger
19.03.2006: Blogger, Atom and HTTP clients
18.03.2006: blog at blogger attempts
18.03.2006: Book review: "Doctor Zhivago" by Boris Pasternak
17.03.2006: Book review: "Reading Lolita in Tehran" by Azar Nafisi
16.03.2006: Book review: "Test driven development by example", Kent Beck
11.03.2006: ruby
08.03.2006: usability
03.03.2006: unit testing framework - cxxtext
03.03.2006: Book review: "The seven daughters of Eve" by Brian Sykes
02.03.2006: dealing with the CISVC process
26.02.2006: Book review: "The Russians" by Hedrick Smith
21.02.2006: a touch of celebrity on usenet
18.02.2006: nice programming quote
18.02.2006: I like reddit
17.02.2006: Book review: "Queen Margot" by Alexandre Dumas
13.02.2006: once again: perl, serial ports and what's between them
09.02.2006: hardware acceleration of algorithms
07.02.2006: sloppy code, SourceForge CVS, memory manager
02.02.2006: Book review: "Mrs. Dalloway" by Virginia Woolf
30.01.2006: Book review: "The selfish gene" by Richard Dawkins
27.01.2006: Book review: "The catcher in the rye" by J. D. Salinger
20.01.2006: writing specs
20.01.2006: handling spam
15.01.2006: Book review: "The kite runner" by Khaled Hosseini
11.01.2006: Book review: "Guns, germs and steel" by Jared Diamond
06.01.2006: Book review: "Perl best practices" by Damian Conway