The workplace has purchased a ActiveState PerlDev studio license for me, so now I can use the PDK and the Komodo IDE.

I began adapting Komodo to my needs today - it looks very nice, but is quite complex and its learning curve is steep. However, with the help of the docs which look extensive, I believe I will eventually master it.

So far I made some adaptions to make it common (from my usage of Visual Studio and Scite) - the syntax highlighting colors, adding some macros for missing commands (delete line, duplicate line). In fact, macros look very powerful in Komodo - it exposes the editor API to Python and Javascript and allows to code the macros in these languages. When a macro is recorded manually, it is automatically translated by Komodo to Javascript code, which allows to quickly see how things are done.

What I also like is the built-in interactive shell, which makes trying stuff out simpler. Other advanced and useful features the free editors lack are code templates (which are very easy to do and operate in Komodo), split windows, and code analyzing "intellisence".