Archives for 2004

2004.12.27: serial port saga - a C++ implementation
2004.12.24: Disappointed with Perl
2004.12.21: motif - a painful experience
2004.12.20: Serial port monitor
2004.12.19: Book review: "A short history of nearly everything " by Bill Bryson
2004.12.12: threads, serial ports, kernel, emacs and other vegetables
2004.12.09: Lenovo Thinkpad ?
2004.12.08: success in battle against activeperl/minicpan
2004.12.07: minicpan
2004.12.05: Book review: "The Wedding" by Nicholas Sparks
2004.12.03: AI-ish attempt at teamsheet picking
2004.11.29: pc upgrade, winxp annoyance
2004.11.28: Book review: "A random walk down Wall Street" by B. Malkiel
2004.11.21: Book review: "TPJ's Computer Science & Perl Programming" ed. Jon Orwant
2004.11.18: more on P::RD and Scite scripting
2004.11.17: Perl scripting of Scite
2004.11.17: regex gotcha in P::RD
2004.11.15: considerations in MIXAL parsing
2004.11.14: pure delight !! (MIX byte code, debugger and other oddities)
2004.11.12: tools for single-person development
2004.11.12: Book review: "Dubliners" by James Joyce
2004.11.11: Book review: "Spanish with Michel Thomas" by Michel Thomas
2004.11.11: I don't l like Perl's OO...
2004.11.09: Book review: "VHDL Coding Styles ..." by Ben Cohen
2004.11.05: Book review: "Signals and Systems, made ridiculously simple"
2004.11.03: a "reverse" caveat
2004.10.29: vmware and the linux kernel
2004.10.28: good guys
2004.10.28: Book review: "Metamath: the quest for Omega" by G. Chaitin
2004.10.24: firefox
2004.10.24: a VHDL parser in Perl
2004.10.22: example of a bad design
2004.10.15: different coding approaches
2004.10.13: Book review: "Diamond chariot" by Boris Akunin
2004.10.08: Book review: "Godel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid"
2004.10.06: random names generator
2004.10.06: dreadful clicks of death
2004.10.05: tech blogs in Spanish
2004.10.03: Book review: "Think and grow rich" by Napoleon Hill
2004.10.01: complying with -Wall -pedantic -ansi
2004.09.29: distributed learning of wxPerl
2004.09.27: making the first steps with wxPerl and PAR
2004.09.27: Accessible GUI development - call for ideas
2004.09.26: Book review: "Norwegian wood" by Haruki Murakami
2004.09.23: bugless coding style
2004.09.21: Book review: "Surely you're joking, Mr. Feynman!"
2004.09.20: Book review: "Successful Lisp" by David Lamkins
2004.09.17: google AdSense anecdote on perl6 compiler list
2004.09.15: BlooP
2004.09.13: writing requirement docs
2004.09.10: back to the roots
2004.09.10: lord of the dance
2004.09.10: solution to the "math confusion"
2004.09.09: Book review: "The curious incident..." by Mark Haddon
2004.09.08: math confusion ?
2004.09.06: Book review: "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown
2004.09.06: more gmail invitations available
2004.09.03: zone
2004.08.29: Book review: "Don Quixote" by Miguel Cervantes
2004.08.22: some more observations on Ireland
2004.08.08: Equality in Lisp
2004.08.05: what's up with the factorial ?
2004.08.03: back to lisp
2004.07.30: a cool algorithm for counting ones in a bitstring
2004.07.30: lambda²
2004.07.29: Book review: "Technical Analysis ..." by J. Murphy
2004.07.20: controlling an osciloscope with VB
2004.07.18: c/c++ annoyance - unsigned iteration
2004.07.16: Book review: "Fool's experience or the key to enlightens" by Mirzakarim Norbekov
2004.07.16: RSS feed/reader
2004.07.15: "I'm feeling lucky" IS useful
2004.07.09: parallel programming
2004.07.09: distant job offer
2004.07.08: Book review: "Getting things done" by David Allen
2004.06.25: Book review: "My family right or wrong" by Ephraim Kishon
2004.06.20: gmail
2004.06.16: Book review: "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance" by Robert Pirsig
2004.06.15: yahoo mailbox increase
2004.06.08: Book review: "Extreme Programming explained" by Kent Beck
2004.06.04: annoying stock market commentaries
2004.06.04: recalling DSP
2004.06.03: interviewing again, a little different this time
2004.06.01: nostalgic...
2004.05.30: Book review: "The power of your subconscious mind" by Murphy
2004.05.28: bootstrapping parsers
2004.05.27: troy
2004.05.25: Solving problem 1131
2004.05.25: 1136 solved
2004.05.25: more thoughts on previous problem
2004.05.25: BST - postorder, reversed postorder
2004.05.21: ACM programming problems solving
2004.05.18: Book review: "Efficient C++: Performance Programming Techniques" by Bulka & Mayhew
2004.05.17: soldering
2004.05.14: making sense of pointers
2004.05.13: amazon - i'm impressed
2004.05.12: the rule of 72
2004.05.11: is "meta programming" the answer ?
2004.05.09: Book review: "High st@kes, no prisoners" by Charles Ferguson
2004.05.07: journal birthday !
2004.05.05: a roulette paradox
2004.05.01: Book review: "The Odyssey" by Homer
2004.04.27: Book review: "Free to choose" by Milton and Rose Friedman
2004.04.26: tasks that stick
2004.04.21: dog haircut
2004.04.21: a problem, two tricks - almost a solution
2004.04.15: Book review: "The art of UNIX programming" by Eric Raymond
2004.04.11: compiling gcc
2004.04.02: outsourcing is good - a thought experiment
2004.03.31: Book review: "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald
2004.03.28: .NET looks nice
2004.03.26: Book review: "The Flanders Panel" by Arturo Perez Reverte
2004.03.19: Book review: "Resurrection" by Leo Tolstoy
2004.03.19: lots of books = good
2004.03.17: communication with a serial port
2004.03.17: Book review: "Programming Embedded systems in C and C++" by Michael Barr
2004.03.15: programming geek - EE geek
2004.03.12: conversion tools that don't scale
2004.03.08: my articles published at GameDev
2004.03.07: Book review: "Who moved my cheese" by Spencer Johnson
2004.03.05: story with a moral for stock trading
2004.03.05: projects at work always turn bigger than expected
2004.03.03: solution to yesterday's problem
2004.03.01: Book review: "Living to tell the tale" by Gabriel G. Marquez
2004.02.20: Book review: "Code complete" by Steve McConnell
2004.02.19: Book review: "Hidden order: Economics of Everyday Life" by David Friedman
2004.02.18: perl annoyance
2004.02.10: using Perl and VB to make windows development easier
2004.02.10: what's that Orkut thing, anyway ?
2004.02.06: 64 bit types on 32 bit machines
2004.01.29: Parse::RecDescent vs. YACC
2004.01.27: Book review: "Moby Dick" by Herman Melville
2004.01.23: deep signal comparison, memoization
2004.01.20: Book review: "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand
2004.01.19: The Jotto word game - analysis and a Perl implementation
2004.01.18: Book review: "Peopleware" by DeMarco and Lister
2004.01.15: lotsa code
2004.01.09: thoughts on offshoring
2004.01.08: remembrance of things past
2004.01.07: spam-filters on output
2004.01.06: Book review: "How to read a book" by M. Adler, C. Van Doren
2004.01.02: Table in Perl::Tk