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wxPerl has very little documentation. Some basic "hello world" tutorials, and that's it. But if someone wants to move past the trivial, what I call "distributed learning" is required - understanding it by collecting various small pieces of information from many sources. I'm now coding a GUI application in wxPerl, using the following for information:

  • wxPerl samples and demo (comes with the installation) - mostly undocumented code snippets
  • wxGlade - to know how things translate to code. Mostly how attributes are defined... Need a red grid cell ? Draw a grid in wxGlade, tell it to make a cell read and see what code is generated.
  • wxWindows (C++ API) manual - function and class reference. Google's site search feature is very useful for this...
  • (I'm not kidding !) Data::Dumper. I use "print Dumper" on wxPerl's data structures to figure out how the classes are built, and cross reference it to the C++ manuals.

Lots of fun, huh ? Maybe I should write a non-trivial tutorial some day...