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Google AdSense is a good idea. A really really good idea - one of the main reasons I believe that Google will suceed economically. But sometimes it makes mistakes - and sometimes they're quite funny.

Yesterday I followed a link to the new mail-list of the perl6 compiler. At the bottom of the page, a Google AdSense box displayed a couple of advertisements. One of them was "Taming your Parrot, tutorial". Imagining that it's a tutorial about the Parrot framework, I followed the link, only to find...

You guessed it - a tutorial on taming parrots - the birds, not the computer framework.

After LOL-ing for a couple of minutes, I actually think that Google should do something about their context matching in AdSense. One word is clearly not enough to decide what a site is about. I wonder if there were many snake-shops benefiting from websites about Python...


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