My ESMS project ( is used by many people worldwide to run soccer league simulations. It's basically a bunch of programs, with command line interfaces, operating on text files and producing text files.

For a long time I'm considering to write some GUI "Runner" program to conglomerate all those tools under one convenient interface.

The problem: my users are not hackers, they're not even "computer people". They won't install Perl/Tk on their machines to run the GUI, they won't install Python, etc. So, I'm in a dilemma... what to use ?

I thought about Qt, but the b*stards don't provide a GPLed Windows port. So, I'm currently leaning towards wxWindows. It seems quite popular and robust... An executable with wxWindows starts at about 1.8 MB for the whole widgets lib linked in. That's not much - it's acceptable, compared to the problem of installing special apps and frameworks just to make the GUI run. I can also go for plain Win32 API, but I want something easier.

Any ideas ?