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Ireland is very clean. Maybe it's the E 2000 fines for throwing trash, maybe it's the culture. Whatever the reason is, at least to me the country looked very clean. Both trash-wise and air/water-wise.

Trash-wise it's actually weird, since it's usually difficult to find a trash can. Do all the people carry their trash with them until they find one, like we did ?

Air/water-wise it's great. I'm not used to water being drinkable from the faucet. Also, the waterways are very clean. There's actually fish in rivers flowing through the cities. The air is mostly not polluted and is rich with oxygen from all the greenery.

The drivers are very courteous. If they see you're faster, they let you overtake. Honks are infrequent.

Pedestrians pay no attention to the traffic light. Red/green/yellow - they don't mind. But they will smile and wave a hand at you if you let them pass.

There are tons of chiropract offices. Hmm... So it's either the Irish people have more back problems, or they believe in chiropracts more.

The way houses are painted in small town centers is awesome. They all are adjacent, painted in a different color. Looks like the rainbow sometimes.

Did I mention the endless green pastures ? (I guess I did, several times in my previous post). Eire is just blessed with a weather very suitable for greenery.

The super-markets look exactly like the ones in Israel. They contain almost the same things, but are somewhat more pricey.

Ireland is said to have a developed hi-tech industry. They must be hiding it very well, since I've seen no sign of it during our week tour, visiting most of the country's largest cities.