Here at work many people have laptops (Thinkpads) as their primary workstations - including me. People with laptops use docking stations to conveniently work with a large monitor and a normal kb+mouse.

So far so good. But recently, due to security issues, we were given laptop locks (Kensingtons) and told to lock the laptops each time we're not here, so they won't be stolen. However, my oldish T20 has its lock slot in the back - right where the docking station is !

A classical example of an unthoughtful, bad design. Using the docking station (IBM's) with IBM's Thinkpad T20 makes locking the laptop impossible. The newer TP models have their lock slot on the side, so it doesn't intefere with the docking station.

Argh ! Now I'm forced to take the laptop home after every work-day.