When I write code in MS Visual C++ 6, something bugs me a lot - the lack of a comment-out shortcut. So, I finally decided to do something about it, and write a VB macro tied to Ctrl-Q (from Scite) to do it. Fortunately, some sample macros came in handy (since I don't know VB at all), and after 5 minutes hacking I had it working. Sweet !

Another thing that bugged me is RCS. From CVS I'm used to knowing immediately which files changed from their saved revisions, and in RCS there's no such thing. So, a quick Perl script that dumps 'rcsdiff' to a temporary file and checks that it has differences does it for me now. Sweet # 2 !

Once again I'm enjoying the fruits of scripting. It's really, really nice making your own life easier, when you know scripting.

BTW, the macros in MSVC are *very* powerful, and I'm actually starting to like it more than other IDEs (hmm...)