Archives for 2003

30.12.2003: quote
30.12.2003: source control
29.12.2003: Book review: "Refactoring" by Martin Fowler
26.12.2003: Book review: "Eleven minutes" by Paulo Coelho
26.12.2003: Finding out where a function was called from
26.12.2003: Initialization of structures and arrays in C++
25.12.2003: design problem
25.12.2003: LOTR ROTK
19.12.2003: parser hacking
17.12.2003: LOTR viewing
16.12.2003: Book review: "The Da Vinci code" by Dan Brown
12.12.2003: Book review: "Neuromancer" by William Gibson
10.12.2003: rant about password reminders
09.12.2003: Book review: "Effective STL" by Scott Myers
08.12.2003: Win32::OLE with Perl, Open Office
04.12.2003: profiling and timing Perl code
03.12.2003: modularizing a large Perl script
30.11.2003: endian-ness of bits and bytes
28.11.2003: Book review: "Men from Mars, women from Venus" by John Gray
20.11.2003: spam
17.11.2003: Book review: "The ambassadors" by Henry James
16.11.2003: poor man's backup
05.11.2003: rolling your own
04.11.2003: blogs waste tons of time
04.11.2003: a quest for difference
30.10.2003: hardware debugging is hard
28.10.2003: pop quiz paradox: my solution
27.10.2003: another probability paradox
27.10.2003: beautiful
24.10.2003: a probability paradox
23.10.2003: Book review: "Finite and infinite games" by James Carse
22.10.2003: morale of the day
21.10.2003: nice solution found to that binary stream problem
21.10.2003: quote
20.10.2003: perl bit-crunching
19.10.2003: quote
19.10.2003: enlightment - I'm not alone !
17.10.2003: Book review: "Beating the street" by Peter Lynch
16.10.2003: doomed ?
16.10.2003: Book review: "Man and woman - intimate life" by S. Shnabl
15.10.2003: rolling my own - use.perl journal archiver
09.10.2003: Ada and VHDL
08.10.2003: Ada hacking
07.10.2003: dfa minimization + log
03.10.2003: NFA, cpp
03.10.2003: Book review: "The CASHFLOW quadrant" by Robert Kyosaki
02.10.2003: concern about journal and book reviews
02.10.2003: Book review: "The mythical man month" by Fred Brooks
01.10.2003: Book review: "Lola" by Loreto de Miguel and Alba Santos
23.09.2003: Book review: "Secrets of the Jewish brain" by Eran Katz
21.09.2003: Book review: "Anna Karenina" by Lev Tolstoy
19.09.2003: cpp is pain
12.09.2003: Book review: "C++ in action" by Bartosz Milewski
07.09.2003: I'm a dork and Knuth knows it !
05.09.2003: more on simplified cpp + some rant
05.09.2003: big X
04.09.2003: coding a simplified cpp
03.09.2003: type system
02.09.2003: some more about Spain (especially financial)
01.09.2003: VHDL C interaction
31.08.2003: Book review: "Stock market for beginners", by S. Simonovsky
29.08.2003: note to self - assert()
27.08.2003: fast internet, here we come
26.08.2003: Book review: "A few quick words of love", by Dina Rubina
25.08.2003: Book review: "Math. puzzles and diversions" by M. Gardner
14.08.2003: Book review: "Patterns of software" by Richard Gabriel
13.08.2003: phases in reading
10.08.2003: a must see movie
08.08.2003: sourceforge pains
06.08.2003: too much information
06.08.2003: features features features
04.08.2003: numeric perl ?
01.08.2003: treasure chest
30.07.2003: full fledged open-source project
29.07.2003: great compilers tutorial
29.07.2003: hard IQ test
27.07.2003: use.perl manual
27.07.2003: Tk annoyance
26.07.2003: Book review: "Artificial Life" by Steven Levy
25.07.2003: reading good books
23.07.2003: Variable initialization in C++
23.07.2003: Allocating multi-dimensional arrays in C++
23.07.2003: Correct usage of const with pointers
22.07.2003: Book review: "Pride and prejudice" by Jane Austen
20.07.2003: learning spoken vs. programming languages
18.07.2003: some Perl "magic"
17.07.2003: test vectors generation in Perl
10.07.2003: Some benchmarking in Perl
07.07.2003: Book review: "How to stop worrying..." by Dale Carnegie
04.07.2003: interesting problem (binary representation of big numbers)
03.07.2003: Book review: "The age of innocence" by Edith Wharton
01.07.2003: testing and test-benches
30.06.2003: perl 6 book
27.06.2003: "Modern C++" scares me
26.06.2003: Book review: "The code book" by Simon Singh
24.06.2003: archiving journal entries, testbench gen, refactoring
20.06.2003: Ruminations on chapter 17 of "Code Complete"
19.06.2003: Duff's Device
19.06.2003: Levels of abstraction...
06.06.2003: Considering POD
03.06.2003: Good Goto (TM)
02.06.2003: Perlmix progress
01.06.2003: Matrix Reloaded, Meaotw
01.06.2003: Book review: "Brave new world" by A. Huxley
30.05.2003: Perlines
26.05.2003: Safari, Perl & Matrix
22.05.2003: Ruminations on chapter 16 of "Code Complete"
20.05.2003: some pondering on design of MIX in Perl
19.05.2003: MIX in Perl
16.05.2003: too much Perl...
16.05.2003: Using perl for hardware verification
13.05.2003: Book review: "The Designer's Guide to VHDL" (by P. Ashenden)
13.05.2003: playing around with Jeeves
10.05.2003: Book review: "451 Fahrenheit" (by Ray Bradbury)
09.05.2003: Coding in C++, wishing it were Lisp (or Perl)
09.05.2003: Book review: "Enigma: The battle for the code"
06.05.2003: Some quotes from Paul Graham's latest article
06.05.2003: Why start a weblog ?