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I've spent the morning so far poking around with -d:Dprof, tmon.out, Benchmark and friends. In the script I'm writing performance will likely be critical (unfortunately...), so I'm timing the basic operations to know where I stand.

It's quite fun... I think there's a problem with dprofpp though... If it shows a call of some function from a module, and this call is direct from another module, ModuleName::BEGIN is displayed instead... bug ? feature ?

Also, the output of timestr(timediff...)) from Benchmark is too wordly for visual output. I only care about the total CPU time (usr + sys). So, the following does the trick:

my $bench_obj = timediff($t2, $t1);
my $secs = $bench_obj->[2] + $bench_obj[1];
print "This took $secs secsn";