The SourceForge setup for ESMS development ( project name is "esmsdev") is slowly moving forward.

Today I've read a heap of SF docs, about SSH, their usage of CVS, etc. Things start to get a little more organized in my head, which is good. At the moment the problems/concerns are:

  1. Get my CVS tree show via their web interface. Not that it's vital, but I plan to use it and it's not working. Posted a support request on this.

  2. I access SF via a Linux box, so ssh and cvs are piece of cake for me (just "cvs" and "ssh" from the command line). But other developers in this project are Windows-only people, so they'll have to install PuTTY for SSH and something other for CVS... Hmm, I hope they suceed with all this - they have even less experience than I do (I know CVS, at least).