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As a direct consequence of yesterday's post, I produced a Perl/Tk clone for the "Colorful lines" game (some of you may know it from the standard Gnome distribution, where it's called Glines).

Some points:

  • Almost 1K lines of code after 2.5 days of hacking, not a bad tempo (the game is working well (I already played it a lot), if there are bugs, they are very minor)
  • Another proof that you learn most by doing. I learned a lot of things about Perl and Tk. I used eval, closures, many interesting Tk features. I also implemented the Dijkstra shortest path algorithm.
  • The game came out really nice, a true clone to its predecessors. It's a great time waster, and highly addictive.
  • You can get it from my website (Programming section), or from the "Code catacombs" on perlmonks.org, where I posted it today.