Articles in tag "Software & Tools"

2024.02.21: gemini-cli: Access Gemini models from the command-line
2023.09.16: static-server: an HTTP server in Go for static content
2023.01.21: Reverse proxying a sub-domain via Apache
2022.01.29: Rust extension traits, greppability and IDEs
2020.09.25: GitHub Actions: first impressions
2019.11.06: How to send good pull requests on GitHub
2018.03.02: Command-line autocomplete for Go documentation
2017.02.24: reStructuredText vs. Markdown for technical documentation
2017.01.11: A brief tutorial on parsing reStructuredText (reST)
2016.01.26: Persistent history in Bash - redux
2014.01.16: Building gcc 4.8 from source on Ubunu 12.04
2013.12.26: Adding bash completion for your own tools - an example for pss
2013.12.18: Makefile functions and color output
2013.10.08: Some notes on logging and SSH access from cron jobs
2013.09.20: pss v1.39 released
2013.06.11: Keeping persistent history in bash
2013.03.21: pss v1.37 release - testing help wanted
2012.07.09: Upgdated Ubuntu on my laptop to 12.04
2012.01.12: A Vim plugin for pss
2011.11.16: pss v0.34 released
2011.10.21: pss v0.33 released
2011.10.14: Announcing pss: a tool for searching inside source code
2011.06.09: Favorite Firefox addons
2010.12.25: Read It Later - first application bought for my iPad
2010.03.27: Running several OSes in one - using VirtualBox
2010.03.27: Setting the first day of the week in the Windows XP calendar
2010.03.10: My favorite freeware programs for Windows
2009.12.12: On the importance of backing up your data
2009.11.23: Visualizing binary trees with Graphviz
2009.01.19: Great Firefox productivity tip
2008.08.24: reStructuredText for blog post formatting
2008.07.23: A failed attempt to Ghost my new computer
2008.05.31: Nostalgia: my first programs
2007.10.31: Conveniently tiling windows on the screen
2007.10.27: Textile - a simple markup language for the web
2007.10.20: Sharing files and printers through a firewall
2007.08.16: MTU causes trouble again...
2007.08.11: Hello from Ubuntu Linux 7.04
2007.08.08: Windows automation with AutoHotKey
2007.05.23: SciTE enhancements
2007.05.22: MySQL server installation woes
2007.05.22: using nmap to scan ports
2007.04.13: Unicode and character sets
2006.12.03: A complete C++ development environment from Microsoft, free
2006.07.24: using Komodo for Perl & Ruby coding
2006.05.17: Password organization program
2006.04.13: Choosing an open-source license for my code
2006.03.02: dealing with the CISVC process
2005.11.28: use[less] keys on the keyboard
2005.11.18: annoying tool problems at work
2005.08.11: eclipse
2005.06.26: # of rows limitation in Excel
2005.05.31: Skype
2005.05.01: stuff: acrobat, wikipedia, ethernet
2005.04.23: reading russian books on the palm - check
2005.04.22: my Palm era begins
2005.04.17: more on Palm (Tungsten E) - mp3, security
2005.04.15: Palm, ebook reading and annoying sellers
2005.04.12: emacs is hard
2004.12.12: threads, serial ports, kernel, emacs and other vegetables
2004.11.29: pc upgrade, winxp annoyance
2004.10.29: vmware and the linux kernel
2004.10.24: firefox
2004.07.16: RSS feed/reader
2004.03.28: .NET looks nice
2003.11.16: poor man's backup
2003.11.04: a quest for difference
2003.08.08: sourceforge pains
2003.07.30: full fledged open-source project
2003.06.06: Considering POD