I use the SciTE editor for most of my text and code editing. It's quite a powerful editor that allows many modifications, configuration options and most important, scripting. From time to time I search for ways to further enhance my usage of SciTE. Today, after downloading the latest version (1.73) I implemented a few very important enhancements:
  1. Automatic autocompletion: the autocompleteword.automatic property can be set in the global properties file. It makes SciTE automatically offer auto completion of words that already appear in the file. Very useful, especially for code editing where the same variable names pop again and again.
  2. Abbreviations: I wrote previously about implementing templates for VHDL code in SciTE using command calls to a Perl script. It appears that SciTE has a built in feature that accomplishes these things - Abbreviations. And in one of the recent versions it became more powerful by allowing per-language abbreviation files. Very useful, works well and quick. Combined with the automatic auto completion, it really speeds up code writing.
  3. Adding "Edit with SciTE" to right-click menu in Windows: I used to have SciTE in the "Send To" context menu, but this makes it one click closer. Scite context menu DLL - download it and follow instructions in the readme.txt file
There are more things to learn: A Russian blog dedicated to SciTE, SciTE scripts. And of course, read the documentation to see what other cool features SciTE supports.