In a similar vein to the post on my favorite freeware programs on Windows, here I'll collect my favorite Firefox addons.

  • Adblock Plus - great for blocking flash ads
  • ChatZilla - my IRC client of choice. No need to install a separate program - this plugin is great
  • Download statusbar - a convenient way to track multiple downloads on the status bar in a compact manner
  • Firebug - an amazing tool for web development and scraping
  • gTranslate - translate words and phrases by selecting and right-clicking them, using Google Translate as the backend
  • keyconfig - configure keyboard shortcuts (
  • Link Alert - a useful little plugin that changes the mouse cursor according to the linked file type when you hover over a link
  • Pocket - wrote about it here
  • Uppity - allows you to easily navigate one or more levels up on a URL
  • Xmarks - annoys me occasionally, but still the best bookmark synchronizer. Essential if you use several computers on a regular basis
  • YouTube to MP3 - pull the sound from YouTube videos into MP3s


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