Version 1.39 of pss was released today (on PyPI too). Here's the changelog for this version:
  • Fixed a number of problems with mixing regex pattern and extensions in file searching (see Github issues #2 and #3).
  • Sped up searching for multiple regex file patterns (such as '--cmake --make') by ~10%.
  • Fixed a colorama bug that caused intermittent coloring problems on 64-bit Windows (pull request #7 by Ben Hoyt).
  • Added --color-line option to specify custom line number coloring (issue #11 by Ben Hoyt).
  • Added the .pyw extension to Python patterns (issue #12).
  • Added the .go extension for Go (issue #14).
With the help of Travis CI and tox I'm giving pss a pretty good spin on Linux. Since it's a pure Python program with no external dependencies I'm 99.5% sure it works on OS X and Windows, although I don't test it before releasing; pss has many users on these platforms, so I'd hear something pretty quick if things would break. As usual, help with testing on various platforms is always appreciated. Drop me a note if you run pss successfully (and especially if you have problems) on some less common platform.