Update 23.03.2013: version 1.38 was released with an important bug-fix. If you've installed 1.37, please upgrade. If not, still please upgrade :-) Since pss was first released a year and a half ago, it has become an indispensable tool in my, and many other developers' toolbox. pss has matured and underwent multiple feature and bug-fix releases. Today I made a new release with a slightly larger amount of changes than usual (as well as some nice optimizations that make pss run faster) and figured it's time to move the major version dial from 0, signaling that I consider pss to be a mature and stable project. Here's the list of changes:
+ Version 1.37 (21.03.2013)

  - Fixed the output of --help-types to describe file patterns more faithfully.
  - Issue #35: Fix the -w option to work properly on Python 3
  - Added '.tox' to the set of directories ignored by default.
  - Issue #34: Support for --cython
  - Added support for the .el extension for Emacs Lisp
  - Issue #36: Fixed the --match option.
  - Issue #37: Allow comma-separated lists in --ignore-dirs
  - Optimize the files-with-matches option by looking for a single match within
    a file instead of all matches.
  - Issue #38: Optimize matching of non-regex patterns, which is very common.
    Measured speedup of 10-20%.
While one of the original goals of pss was to work well on Windows without having to install additional packages, I'm now in a situation where I don't have easy access to any Windows machine. I'm 99% sure pss keeps working on Windows but haven't tested it. Therefore, if you're using pss on Windows - please download the new release from PyPI and let me know if you run into any problems. Thanks in advance.