Last week I announced the first public release of pss - a tool for searching inside source code.

pss generated quite a lot of interest, and for the past week I spent a considerable portion of my hobby hacking time solving bugs and adding requested features. So today I've made pss version 0.33 available (also on PyPI).

Here is the list of changes for this release:

  • Issue #7: allow simple invocation of pss without installing, by directly passing the source directory to a Python interpreter.
  • Fixed a problem with the max-count option that was broken in some cases.
  • Fixed some encoding issues, and better handling of non-ASCII files when running on Python 3 (also reported in Issues #10 and #12).
  • Issue #2: pss will now ignore broken symlinks (won't list them or try to read them).
  • Issue #5: When the output of pss is redirected, by default colors won't be applied (unless forced with --color).
  • Issue #6: Support -l and -L options (only show files with/without matches)
  • Issue #8: When Ctrl+C is hit, print a succinct error message instead of the full stack trace.

I have an intention to keep pss well maintained and running smoothly, so if you bump into any problems or just want to suggest a cool new feature, feel free to open an issue.