Articles in tag "Perl"

2011.10.19: Perl's "guess if file is text or binary" implemented in Python
2008.02.01: A subjective comparison between Perl and Ruby
2007.08.31: How high on a google search does your website rank ?
2007.07.20: Parsing of undecoded UTF-8 will give garbage when decoding entities
2007.06.02: Logical operators in Perl and Ruby
2007.05.18: an original marriage proposal...
2006.12.04: Compiling C DLLs and using them from Perl
2006.08.07: Book review: "Higher Order Perl" by Mark Jason Dominus
2006.04.07: Non-blocking socket access on Windows
2006.02.13: once again: perl, serial ports and what's between them
2006.01.06: Book review: "Perl best practices" by Damian Conway
2005.12.23: some regex "best practices"
2005.12.04: perl master, C++ slave, bound for serial port programming
2005.09.23: using PAR to create a custom "hosted" Perl environment
2005.09.04: Cool hack: creating custom subroutines on-the-fly in Perl
2005.06.23: Book review: "Perl 6 and Parrot essentials, 2nd edition"
2005.06.12: lessons from PAIP
2005.06.11: saint spur !
2005.05.27: Book review: "Mastering algorithms with Perl"
2005.05.23: Book review: "Effective Perl" by J.N. Hall and R. Schwartz
2005.05.16: perls w/o strict
2005.03.03: Book review: "Perl Medic" by Peter J. Scott
2005.02.20: MIX implementation in Perl completed !
2005.02.09: AoHoHoAoA
2005.01.19: bin2dec for huge numbers
2004.12.24: Disappointed with Perl
2004.12.20: Serial port monitor
2004.12.08: success in battle against activeperl/minicpan
2004.12.07: minicpan
2004.11.21: Book review: "TPJ's Computer Science & Perl Programming" ed. Jon Orwant
2004.11.18: more on P::RD and Scite scripting
2004.11.17: Perl scripting of Scite
2004.11.17: regex gotcha in P::RD
2004.11.14: pure delight !! (MIX byte code, debugger and other oddities)
2004.11.11: I don't l like Perl's OO...
2004.11.03: a "reverse" caveat
2004.09.29: distributed learning of wxPerl
2004.09.27: making the first steps with wxPerl and PAR
2004.02.18: perl annoyance
2004.01.19: The Jotto word game - analysis and a Perl implementation
2004.01.02: Table in Perl::Tk
2003.12.08: Win32::OLE with Perl, Open Office
2003.12.04: profiling and timing Perl code
2003.12.03: modularizing a large Perl script
2003.11.16: poor man's backup
2003.10.21: nice solution found to that binary stream problem
2003.10.20: perl bit-crunching
2003.07.18: some Perl "magic"
2003.07.17: test vectors generation in Perl
2003.07.10: Some benchmarking in Perl
2003.06.03: Good Goto (TM)
2003.06.02: Perlmix progress
2003.05.30: Perlines
2003.05.20: some pondering on design of MIX in Perl
2003.05.19: MIX in Perl
2003.05.16: too much Perl...
2003.05.16: Using perl for hardware verification
2003.05.13: playing around with Jeeves